Korden’s Hammer


weapon (melee)

Damage Rating : 5
Critical Rating : 3
Group : Ordinary
Qualities : None
Encumbrance : 4

Korden’s Hammer is of superior craftsmanship; its wielder adds a fortune dice to the dice pool of all attacks made while wielding it.

Against Daemons, Korden’s Hammer inflicts +2 damage for each fortune point spent to enhance the attack’s dice pool.


Heinz Jäger currently holds the hammer.

The head of this drwarven warhammer is made of steel, and inscribed with runes of the Kurgansson clan. The hammer “belonged” to Korden Kurgansson, who instructed his blind nurse Sister Sonja, whom he trusted, to hide his ancestral hammer somewhere “they” would not find it.

The “they” he referred to was the Eldritch Order of the Unblinking Eye. The Grunewald doctor, Dr. Sieger, was among the followers in the cult, and prescribed large doses of various “potions” to keep the dwarf in check. He also helped Gregor Piersson, the Lodge Steward, to force the now helpless dwarf to stare at the daemonic painting in the sitting room…. causing him to go mad.

The dwarf knew something. Too much. No one will ever know.

Note: If you do not return the hammer to its rightful owners, there is a strong possibility you may become inscribed into the Book of Grudges.

Korden’s Hammer

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