Hans' Blunderbuss

weapon (ranged)

Damage Rating : 5
Critical Rating : 2
Group : Blackpower
Qualities : Blast, Reload, Two-Handed, Unreliable 2
Encumbrance : 4

A Blunderbuss is a primitive, wide-barreled version of the handgun. Firing a hail of shrapnel and shot, this is no marksman’s weapon. It can cut through large swathes of enemies if the blast is properly placed, but it is time-consuming to reload.

Blast: The weapon is simply pointed in the proper direction. Everyone in the targeted engagement is subject to the effects of the attack. Blast attacks cannot be parried or blocked, but targets may choose to dodge. Rather than the normal dodge effect, each die an individual would normally contribute to the pool for dodging increases his soak value by 1 against the blast attack.

Unreliable 2: If 2 Chaos Star symbols are rolled, the Blunderbuss explodes inflicting wounds equal to the unreliable rating (bypassing toughness and soak).


Albrecht Fahl is carrying the blunderbuss.


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