Dead Ends


The road less travelled

After our ignominious exit from Stromdorf we didn’t have time to go far as the light was dieing. We sought shelter for the night at the only place in the area willing to remember the events of the past fortnight. The good people of the Ackerland Farm took us in for the night and were even willing to sell us some wool at a good rate.

In the morning when we left we passed the outskirts of Stromdorf and crossed the reconstructed bridge on the road back to Ubersreich. Before we calmed the storm the road was impassible, now had improved to a miserable rutted mess. After the first days travel we stayed at a small rundown inn that looked like it’s best days were before the storm. As the second day stretched on we spotted a small group of bandits behind us. They were trailing us and keeping the bends in the road between us, we used their tactics against them by ambushing them when we stopped the carts for a meal. We managed to kill all three of them quickly but as soon as we finished we spotted seven more charging the carts. In the ensuing battle we fought back to the carts darting through the trees and exchanging arrows I gave better than I got and took no less than four arrows before the world reduced to a pin prick of light and lurched sideways to meet me. Now time is passing and I’m still breathing.



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