The Oberslecht

A great, brown morass of sharp rushes and peat moss extends for many miles southeast of Stromdorf. Clumps of stunted trees and twisted thickets rise from the swampland. The clouds gather blackly over the marshes, rain spattering the mud and lightning splitting the sky.

In those rare moments when the storms abate, it is eerily quiet – no birdsong; only the low drone of the ravenous midges that swarm over the quagmire. Sometimes, at night, the silence is broken by the bark of a mysterious creature, and maybe an answering howl. There are stories of a race of wild half-men living deep in the marsh, but no one dares enter the Oberslecht to corroborate the tales.

The fringes of the Oberslecht provide those living nearby with a few meager opportunities. Peat is cut from the bog and used as fertilizer and fuel for fires. Some impoverished folk search the edge of the mire for meager lumps of bog iron which bring in a few extra pennies at Stromdorf market. A brave few head into the Oberslecht to collect eels and other animals that live in the bog, such as frogs, snails, crayfish, and catfish, or to harvest cloudberries. Thunderwater ale includes these delicious berries in its brewing process.

However, even traipsing around the fringes of the Oberslecht is not without its dangers. Areas of deep mud have sucked victims to their doom, and the mire is home to many wild animals and poisonous plants. If a person goes inexplicably missing in Stromdorf, he or she is said to have ‘Married Mistress Oberslecht.’

Oberslecht 01

The Oberslecht

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