The Garden of Morr

Stromdorf’s cemetery, surrounded by a tall, forbidding wall, can be found where Morr’s Stream meets the Teufel. It is situated far from town so that should the dead be stirred by dark magic – as it did nearly five centuries ago – the townsfolk will be safe from them.

From the Reikland Gate, a narrow coffin track leads to the Garden of Morr, cutting across fields until it reaches the Tranig, which must be crossed by a small wherry. Stromdorf’s dead make their last journey along this path.

The cemetery attracts ferocious tempests. Local legend claims that the rain has never stopped falling over the Garden since the time of Stichelm’s burial there. It is said that the gods weep inconsolably over the grave of this brave hero.

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The Garden of Morr

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