Here is Where Ends Meet

Can our “heroes” remain as lucky as they were in the woods against those Beastmen? We shall see. We shall see. Only time will tell what ends may come, dead or otherwise.

Home – You are already here… so this is a useless link. But, I’m a completist.

Adventure Log – Here is where the story is chronicled. The Adventure Log should be kept up by all of us. I will assign someone each week to take notes and write in the log.

Wiki – (is short for Warhammer is iki?). I will be updating the Main Page from time to time. It will include places you’ve been and where you are now. Consider this the Glossary for your adventure.

Characters – Here you will find a description of all the characters in the campaign, including both NPC and PC.

DeadendItems – We will keep track of items found, stolen, or won in this area. Descriptions and any special abilities will be provided. We will also keep track of who carries what.

Forums – Here we will converse about meeting or game topics. It might be about the game itself, or maybe what we need to bring, or maybe some cool ideas… as long as it’s Warhammer game night related.

Calendar – This is where we will keep track of meetings. You can look at the meeting coming up to find information about who needs to take notes, and who is going to bring food… among other things.

Maps – This is where you go to find a visual map of where you are in the Warhammer world. We will sometimes have close up views so you can get a better idea of where you want to go next.

Comments – We are published now! Feel free to peruse our campaign, make a comment, and “favorite” us for sure.

Dead Ends

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